Weekly Roundup

Here’s some stuff from me in my role at Third Space, as well as some other articles worth having a read of, including a superb essay by former SAS soldier, Federal Politician, and a friend of mine, Andrew Hastie.

First up, David Robertson and me with another The Kitchen Table, discussing the idea of whether there is a general public or not, or if the public is too fractured to describe it that way.

And Maradona, the great Argentinian soccer star, has died aged sixty, after a poorer second half of life than the first.


Andrew Hastie has written about the shame that has engulfed Australia’s special forces, following damning revelations about war crimes, including the killing of unarmed civilians. It was published in our national newspaper The Australian, but due to a paywall is available on his website.


And a great article from Giles Fraser, an English journalist and Anglican rector, on the Anglican Church’s death-by-consultancy


And over at the excellent Julie Roys blog, what “Sorry, not sorry” looks like, and how institutions need to apologise rather than subtly excuse abusive behaviour.