Welcome To our Third Space Website

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If you want to check out what I have been doing since stepping down as senior pastor at the start of the year, you can check out the new Third Space website.

Third Space exists to create room for dialogue between Christians and non-Christians; to consult with churches as to where that room/third-space might be (bearing in mind it might be in their church itself); and to provide an actual third space (the website is primarily for enquiring non-Christians).

Third Space website is a house with a variety of rooms you can enter to read and watch – and eventually discuss – matters to do with life and faith.

David Robertson – of the blog TheWeeFlea.com, and former minister of St Peter’s Free Church in Scotland, moved to Australia with his wife to begin this venture with me, under the umbrella of City Bible Forum.

We’re excited about where it might go.  Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.  And I’m just a little intrigued that for all the photographs they could have used from around the world on the front page of the website, they chose a picture of a place I run past pretty much every week.