Will There Be a Faith Left For the New King to Defend?

In my latest DeLorean Philosophy podcast I explore the ramifications (or some of them at least) of the dramatic drop in adherence to Christianity in England and Wales.

Just as with the latest Australian census data, the equivalent in the UK shows a big decline in adherence, (the low-bar default position), while there’s been a rapid increase in those who tick “No Religion” or “None” in the census.

The new king, King Charles III, after several decades of flip-flopping on whether he wished to be known by the traditional title “Defender of the Faith” (first given to James the First, he of the KJV version of the Bible), or “Defender of Faiths”, reflecting the multicultural flavour of the UK (and his own reflexive sensibilities).

But just as he’s come around to the former, firmly Christian/Anglican title, the real question now is this: Will there be a faith to defend? And if still in his reign, what about that of his son William?

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