March 8, 2018

Would You Support My Writing in 2018?

Would you be willing to financially support my writing ministry in 2018?

I’m now in the sixth year of blogging at and in that time the readership has grown exponentially.

My blog has been an effective platform for engagement with Christians – and others – about the nature of the times we live in, and what it means to flourish as the church in the West.

My primary role is – and will continue to be – that of pastor of our church, Providence Church Midland.

However the increased readership and a consequent increase in requests to speak nationally on the matters I write about, means I now intend to dedicate specific time to writing and speaking in 2018 and beyond, while at the same time continuing to leading our church pastoral team.

My goal is to raise two days support per week by the end of 2018 to enable me to give a particular focus to my writing and speaking ministry.

I am grateful for our Midland congregation and its life together, as I see the fruit of the gospel in peoples’ lives. Their lives together, their work, their families, their interests, their talents and gifts, inform my life as much as my life inform theirs.  That’s what it means to be the body of Christ.

If you’d like to support my writing financially, then please go to my support page here. There’s also a short video that explains my vision for writing and pastoral ministry at Providence Church Midland.






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