You Do You: Pleasure (Bible Shots Video)

I’ve been speaking for City Bible Forum’s Bible Shots in Sydney. Well I’ve been Zooming in as we can’t leave the state of Western Australia at the moment to go to NSW without being pinged with a two week quarantine on the way back.

The series is called You Do You, and each week I look at one aspect of this foundational understanding of modern life in the West today; that we get to carve out our own lives the way we wish, and that anything – or anyone – getting in the way of that idea.

You Do You. Don’t let anyone else do you.

Each session is a game of two halves – ten minutes of me exploring the cultural moment, and then ten minutes where I rub the issue up against a Bible passage and seeing where the sparks land.

It goes “live” every week on a Wednesday on Facebook, but we put it up on Youtube afterwards.

Here’s the latest one You Do You: Pleasure. Sorry I look like an Amish farmer – something to do with the beard and the stripes on my shirt looking like braces.