Bully Vol 1

The biggest risk to conservative evangelical church movements today is not the hostility of a toxic external culture.  A far bigger risk to the movement, if recent sobering conversations I have had are any indication, is the internal toxic culture.  In short, evangelical church movements have a massive problem with the workplace bully at the […]

Is Our Problem The Pull Factor of the World, or the Push Factor of the Church?

  If you own a flower shop and your customer base goes into decline, it’s worth asking what are the pull factors and the push factors putting your business at risk. The pull factors are those things that draw your customers away from your shop to other shops.  These are hard to control. Maybe taste […]

Are Other Christians Sick of Being the Butt of Jokes? Cos I’m Not!

Are Christians sick of being the butt of jokes? That was the premise of an article in The Australian newspaper in light of crass Aussie radio announcer Kyle Sandilands slap down of Christianity and the Virgin Mary on air. Sandilands had said on air that Christians are “as dumb as dog sh@#” for accepting the […]