Good News: Incoming Essendon CEO Won’t Pressure Players’ Partners to Have Abortions.

Well you can say what you like about the new Essendon CEO, Andrew Thorburn and his bigoted hate-filled ideas around sexuality (The ever irenic Premier of Victoria’s, Dan Andrews’, descriptors not mine), but rest assured he won’t be pressuring the club’s indigenous players to get their partners to have abortion for the good of the […]

The Edge

It’s all about having “the edge” isn’t it? In elite sport it’s all about having the edge over your opponents. Elite sport is determined not even by the one-percenters, but by the tenth-of-a-one-percenters. Non-elites don’t understand “the edge”. We line up on a local running race with all sorts of types and body shapes and […]

Wrestling with Soccer on Sunday Or Death in Afghanistan? You Decide!

There is a great gulf between the Christianity that wrestles with whether to worship at the cost of imprisonment and death, and the Christianity that wrestles with whether the kids should play soccer on Sunday morning. John Piper One of the recurring problems that Facebook throws up is “whataboutism”. You know what I mean by […]