Don’t Think About Pink Elephants: When Gay Conservatives Go Rogue on Orthodox Christianity

Pink Elephants You know the funny little trick: “Quick! Don’t think about pink elephants!” And suddenly, a herd of pachyderm of a particular colour palette are all that you can think about. Try as you might you cannot block them out, loud and incessant as they are with all of their florid trumpeting and vaguely […]

Douglas Wilson Isn’t Being Manly, He’s Being Teenagerly

Slamming Doors My son is a teenager, but he’s never slammed his bedroom door. Not once. He’s not that kind of kid. No teenagerly displays of petulance. My daughter on the other hand… Well she was a feisty teenager, for sure. In our old house, our old wooden house, with large solid jarrah doors, she […]

Instagram Islam, Queers For Palestine and TikTok Hijabs

Islam: It’s Trending Maybe the historians picking over the ashes of Western Civilisation will call it “Rapid Onset Religious Dysphoria”. Or at least that’s what I’m calling the sudden social media trend among ostensibly progressive, post-religious, sexually fluid activists to come over all Islamic all of a sudden. That’s right parents: Put aside your fears […]

Weak Leadership isn’t Just Weak, it’s Dangerous

Weak Leadership Time and time again we see bad leadership decisions made by weak leaders. And the church – and parachurch organisations attached to the church -, are sadly some of the worst offenders. And the worst repeat offenders. Not simply the same leaders in the same places making the same mistakes. But other leaders […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali says she’s now a Christian (but only if that’s okay with the rest of us)

The Right Kinda Christian? Several years ago I was having dinner with my wife’s long-term university friends who had all studied psychology with her back in the day. Great bunch. They’d all met in their late teens in their first couple of weeks on campus, and here they were in their forties still meeting up, […]

Actually Max, the post-Christian West IS Babylon: It just depends what you mean by it.

I wasn’t able to attend the 2023 Freedom For Faith conference recently. I did attend the 2022 version where I was one of the keynote speakers, whereupon I promptly got COVID (my first awful round) on the trip back. I was also scurrilously misquoted by The Financial Review, whose reporter made me out to be […]