Why John Dickson’s Undeceptions Trans Gender Podcast Episode is 73% Good

John Dickson’s Undeceptions podcast is undoubtedly the best Christian podcast in Australia in terms of content, production values, and breadth. It also has that elusive ingredient; the ability to take crunchy, high fibre material and break it down into manageable, masticable morsels. I must confess I have come to listening to it later in the […]

Hey Christians: When it comes to engaging non-Christians, don’t be like Aaron

This is Aaron. Aaron Patrick. Christians, when it comes to engaging someone who is not a Christian, don’t be like Aaron. In fact, be the opposite of Aaron. Aaron Patrick is a senior correspondent for the Australian Financial Review – a major national newspaper in Australia (equivalent of the UK’s The Financial Times). He specialises […]

Forget House Prices, Elections are About Who Gets to Defines Reality

A week or so back I read an article in the national media that was almost incredulous that the issue of trans athletes should be considered a topic worthy of our federal election. Both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader had been quizzed as to their views on transwomen taking part in female-only sport. […]