Let Them Bake Cake, But Not Practise Law

It’s doubtful whether Marie Antoinette ever said “Let them eat cake”, but her Francophone counterparts in Canada have truly declared “They cannot practice law.” This week, while religious freedom advocates are all eating cake to celebrate the Supreme Court in the USA deciding for Masterpiece Cake shop baker, Jack Phillips, the real future for freedom […]

When Western Universities Start to Stink

Why would anyone looking for a solid education in the humanities bother signing up to a western university these days? The hostile rejection/mealy-mouthed surrender by the Australian National University of the Ramsey Foundation’s sponsorship of a centre on Western civilisation is case in point. It was all “hurrumph, hurrumph” and talk about academic freedom, but […]

Are Christians Persecuted in Australia? It’s Complex.

Christians are on a hiding to nothing if they play the persecution card in the upcoming discussion on religious freedom in Australia. There is zero traction in that approach or, as is more likely, there is negative traction in that approach. Let’s be clear.  In our current clime it will simply make things worse.  Any such claim […]