Don’t Let Sexular Culture Leave Women as Also-Rans

Sooner or later reality catches up with the intellectual schizophrenia of gender identity politics and beats it to the line. And sometimes, as in the case of a dispute over prize money for a recent running race at Queensland University of Technology, actually beats it to the line. As the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports, the […]

Theology, A Dentist and an ex-Mormon Prime Minister

There’s something a little bit thrilling, a thrill mixed with sadness nonetheless, at the huge level of ignorance about the basics of Christianity among the average Westerner at the moment.  And it’s a level of ignorance that is only set to increase as the church participation rate continues to decline. While it does not augur […]


I was struck today reading the Luke account of Jesus’ trial and death. A key feature of that dreadful day was mockery. Yes there was torture, betrayal and crucifixion. And they are terrible, terrible things.  And in that context mockery may seem a minor thing. But not to the Gospel writer: The men who were […]