When it comes to conversion therapy legislation, the devil in the detail

As reported in Eternity News, conversion therapy bills have either been passed by Australian state and territory governments, or are being brought before parliament. And as usual, the devil is in the detail. And as usual, it’s the grey areas that are ill-defined where things will go pear-shaped. They always do. And indeed that increasingly […]

What religion, according to Nick Cave, is the “unhappiest in the world”?

No one does unhappy like Nick Cave. Nick Cave was born to do unhappy.  The Australian musician has built a career exploring the dark and deadly things of life, and has had his fair share of misery, not least of all the tragic death of one of his twin teenage sons a few years ago […]

John MacArthur: A petulant teen slamming doors in his parents’ house

US pastor John MacArthur is behaving like the moody teenager whose parents “know nothing” and should get out of his way and “don’t tell me what to do.” You know the type. The same moody teenager who is more than happy to take mum’s and dad’s money, drive their car and eat the meals pushed […]

A few wrong ‘uns from Stuart MacGill (response #2 to the Sydney Senior Minister Shortage)

The second innings of the Sydney Anglican Senior Minister drought began on The Pastor’s Heart last week with two Sydney rectors. And they pretty much played a straight bat. After all, if you’re facing a first innings deficit (I thought in my response to Phillip Jensen’s first outing, I put on a handy lead), you […]