Why Secular Church Started So Well, but Finished So Poorly (and Quickly)

We’ve all heard over the past few years of the move among Nones to start something like church, with all the bells and whistles, talks and coffee, singing and platforms.  Something like church but with one small variable – no Jesus. They began to meet in buildings across all the funky cities in the world […]

What a Relief: Israel’s Not Kosher After All!

Phew!! Many an evangelical just let out a huge sigh of relief following yesterday’s definitive exposé of just how right-of-centre Israel Folau’s church group is. Izzy’s just been outed as totally non-kosher in the orthodox Christian world, so we can all get on with ignoring him. Many evangelicals have, no doubt, been praising Jesus (and the […]

Back in Black

Vinyl is back.  Back in black. My daughter’s friends bought her a record player last year for her 17th birthday. Why?  Because in case you hadn’t heard, vinyl is back. Those big black discs of polyvinyl chloride with one long continuous groove are selling like, er, hit records. Vinyl is back. In a way that […]

Hey Ministers and Theologians: When It Comes to the Secular Workplace, You Just Don’t Get It

The Israel Folau storm has exposed many things, and this is one of them: many ministry workers have little idea of the pressures people face in the modern workplace.  They just don’t get it.  Not that it stops them making big statements about it. If you’re a Christian ministry worker and you’ve had a lot to […]