Abusive Leaders or the Sexular Culture? What’s Worse for the Church?

So what’s the biggest damage being done to the church? Is it from the “out there” Sexular Age, or the internal abuse that we see played out in so many sad ways. External or internal? What’s more likely to burn us down if we’re not careful? Well, as the taco shell girl says when faced […]


In a recent Substack article, famed New York psychologist and academic, Jonathan Haidt, showed conclusive evidence that the rapid rise in anxiety among Gen Z is directly linked to the widescale uptake of social media platforms in 2012. Faced with growing assertions that the levels of anxiety among younger generations was down to “bad politics” […]

Kate Forbes Is Done (or Why an Orthodox Christian Can Never Lead a Western Political Party Again)

Kate Forbes stands little chance of becoming the First Minister of Scotland. And this is due to her publicly stated religious beliefs. You can’t blame her for being honest. It’s kinda refreshing to watch that level of dishonesty from my vantage point in Australia, where already there are so many up in arms around the […]

With No Martyn Iles The ACL Risks Becoming The Australian Christendom Lobby

I like Martyn Iles, the now-former MD of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). I would consider him an ally in the gospel, and increasingly a good acquaintance/friend. Martyn’s services have now been terminated, and it has, apparently, much to do with the direction he was taking the organisation in. If anyone has any secret sauce […]

The Australian Law Reform Commission Has Christian Schools in its Sights.

If anyone was under any illusions that there would be a “live and let live” attitude from the purveyors of the Sexular Age, then the recommendations of The Australian Law Reform Commission, in terms of how Christian schools should be able to staff themselves, will dispel such illusions. It’s quite a depressing first-up read. Make […]