A Missionary in Mozambique With Advice For Missionaries in Australia

One of the of the most common question we get asked when we visit people in Australia is this: “what can your work in Mozambique teach the local Australian church about sharing the Good News with people in Australia”? Our answer is pretty simple:  “Learn the language and culture of people outside of your church […]

Work: A means of identity production AND stress production: Part 1

Something is going to have to give. At the very time that work has been elevated to a means of not just material production, but identity production, it’s also become the second biggest means of stress production after family conflict. So we read in The Guardian, the searing truth about work making us feel more […]

Australians Are Looking To Politics For Their Identity and Not Religion: And That’s Not Necessarily a Good Thing

A report in the ABC today that more Australians are likely to identify themselves by politics than by any other identity marker – including and especially religion – is no real cause for celebration. Annabel Crabb’s article points out that while most Australians, 71 per cent, think that “occasionally” or “most often” religious discrimination occurs in […]

A Response to the ACT Chief Minister’s Facebook Post Announcing A Ban on Conversion Therapy

Dear Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory Greetings.  May I first commend you on your impressive title. The general rule is the more tinpot the dictatorship, the more impressive the title.  And yours is right up there. However I foremost want to write to congratulate you on your Facebook page announcement that says your […]

It’s Not the A-Listers That Discredit Christianity, It’s the Sneaky Little D-Listers

A-list celebrities who publicly announce that they have become Christians can be blamed for a lot of things.  A lot of bad music, a lot of bad movies, a lot of bad fashion and a lot of bad relationships. One thing they can’t be blamed for however, is the demise of Christianity.  One thing they […]