Letter from a Senior Wolf to a Junior Wolf: Part One – Weaponise the Word Gospel

My Dear Lupine I read with interest your recent attempts at luring to their spiritual deaths the human collective (they call it a “church”, but that seems too noble a word for such an unimpressive bunch), you have been assigned. And I must say on the surface it seemed impressive. Suspect theology – heresy as […]

Church Planter: Which core team member do you need to know best before you plant?

The answer of course, is you. You need to know you the best before you even think about planting a church. If you don’t, you’re heading for a fall. I was asked that question this very morning about what a planter needs to know about the core team, and my answer was simply that. Unless […]

Many unchurched people are actually envious of church. Here’s why.

Hint: It’s not because of the worship music. With all the hand-wringing going on about how bad the church is (and that’s just from Christians), it’s time to remind ourselves that so much of what church is, is so good that people envy it. Yes that’s right, “envy”. Here we are in a cottage industry […]

Let’s not trade an over-realised eschatology for an under-realised one

This is a guest blog post from a young Pentecostal pastor in Perth, Joel Seneque, who I have gotten to know these past few years. He’s smart, articulate, well-read theologically, a church planter who wants to see people come to know Jesus, and on top of that he’s a runner! My last post critiqued the […]

Health Wealth and Heterosexuality: Why orthodox Christianity will pay a price for the wrongs of the Prosperity Gospel

I’ve just received yet another article and podcast link from a friend who holds a biblically orthodox view of sexuality. And as I read and listen, I’m beginning to realise that orthodox evangelicals are going to pay the price for the bad theology of some forms of Pentecostalism, particularly its failure to grasp the significance […]

Richard Dawkins blindsided by The Sexual Spaghetti Monster

How intriguing. Richard Dawkins has just had his Humanist of the Year title withdrawn by the American Humanist Society, because of, well, because of his humanist zeal. Dawkins was so focussed on not getting taken out by the Flying Spaghetti Monster and its zealous worshippers that he was blindsided by the most unbelieving of the […]